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Château Franc Capet

Fronsac - Canon Fronsac

Using the auger

Using the auger

Some old vines die naturally, or from apoplexy or from working the soil.

Apoplexy is usually encountered during dry periods or strong winds cause strong evapotranspiration. This is no longer compensated by an adequate inflow of water, linked to a small amount of functional wood. The vine dies.

A Capet, the vine being narrow (1.2m) a false maneuver is fatal. Vine stock is broken during rolling (treatment, putting on) or torn off during decavaillonage because the seed is not triggered (see the corresponding video)

You have to do some roping. In other words, replace the dead vine with a new vine plan.
The first step is to make a hole large enough and deep enough to destroy the neighboring roots that would compete with the new vine.
If the number of missing is too large in a plot, it may be downgraded.
This year we will replant around 200 vines. The grape variety will be Merlot.

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The old auger