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Château Franc Capet

Fronsac - Canon Fronsac

2019 Press

2019 Press

Once the maceration is complete, the wine must be run off.
The first step is to empty the wine tank. At the exit we obtain the free-run wine. Once the vat has been emptied of its wine, the door is opened.

Sarah, Janeca or me step into it. You have to take out the marc and place it in the press.

Before this operation, the press is disinfected. Inside, on the cement we put a first floor, then the marc then a second floor. The marc is in a sandwich and is crushed when the press is activated. The wine is extracted from the marc, it flows slowly in the channel then is pumped to go into a tank. Here is the ratchet press. We recognize its typical noise. With each click, the wheel turns, goes down and crushes the grounds.

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This wine is the press wine.
As the pressing progresses, the wine is tasted. When we get a bitter, green taste, it means that we are crushing unripe seeds, raffle. We stop pressing.
You have to empty the press of its marc and start a new press. In general we do 6 presses.

The 2 wines, drop and press are mixed to give the final wine.